Azalea - Delaware Valley

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Mature Height: 15 to 20 inches
Mature Spread: 3 to 4 ft.
Proper Name: Rhododendron 'Delaware Valley White'

Tags: Bloom Spring, Evergreen, Feeds Pollinators, Large Blooms, Part Shade, Part Sun


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This hardy evergreen azalea blooms in the middle of spring and when it does it is a show stopper. The perfectly formed brilliant white flowers cover almost every inch of the bush, making a statement in any garden or yards. These azaleas are fairly easy to grow, so if you've struggled with them in the past this might be your chance to own a shrub that gets all of the attention in spring.

Bloom Color:Brilliant white
Bloom Period:Spring
Genus & Species:Rhododendron 'Delaware Valley White'
Mature Height:15 to 20 inches
Mature Spread:3 to 4 ft.
Plant Spacing:3 to 4 ft.
Planting Depth:3 to 4 ft.
Planting Time:Spring or fall
Soil Type:Well drained soil
Sun Exposure:Part sun to part shade
Zone:6 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Caring for Azalea - Delaware Valley

Azaleas benefit from slightly acidic soil and well draining soil with organic matter. Tilling in compost 30% to 70% original dirt and mulching well are two ways to help your azalea succeed. Raised beds are also a great option, but the soil must be kept moist and shade should always be provided for these plants.

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