Mt. Airy Fothergilla - Bottlebrush

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Mature Height: 6 to 8 ft.
Mature Spread: 6 to 10 ft.
Proper Name: Fothergilla x major Mt. Airy

Tags: Attracts Song Birds, Bloom Spring, Deer Resistant, Feeds Birds, Feeds Pollinators, Flower (White), Fragrant, Full Sun, Native (Cultivar), Part Sun


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The Mt. Airy cultivar was selected by the famed horticulturalist Michael Dirr for its excellent form and outstanding foliage color in both summer and fall. It won the Georgia Gold Medal Selection for woody shrubs in 1994 and continues to be one of the best fothergilla on the market today.  

Bottlebrush plant is an exciting native that is often underutilized in the garden. It is native to the southeastern united states and fits perfectly into the garden of someone who is looking for structured beauty, while also adding food for our native pollinators and birds. In the early spring this plant opens up unique brush-like white flowers that have a wonderful fragrance (we love walking by it in the greenhouse). These flowers are plentiful and remain for a few weeks before falling to emerging well textured blue-green foliage. In fall fothergilla really shines, with swirls of reds, oranges, and yellows in a kaleidoscope of color. It is easy to grow, native and beautiful. We think this plant is a great choice for your garden if you want to support local ecology and create a beautiful landscape simultaneously.

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Bloom Color:White; bottlebrush shaped; fragrant
Bloom Period:Early spring
Fall Color:Swirls of yellow, orange, red and purple
Foliage Color:Green-Blue finely textured
Genus & Species:Fothergilla x major Mt. Airy
Growth Rate:Medium
Mature Height:6 to 8 ft.
Mature Spread:6 to 10 ft.
Soil Type:Moist, well draining soil
Sun Exposure:Full sun to part sun
Zone:4 to 8

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Caring for Mt. Airy Fothergilla - Bottlebrush

Easy to care for bottlebrush is a great choice for the garden. It doesn't have strict soil requirements, but does need at least four hours of sun per day. It enjoys plenty of light, but like most plants will do better with a good 2 - 3 inch layer of bark mulch applied each spring to retain moisture and decrease fluctuations in soil temperature and moisture. Pruning is not required as fothergilla maintains a very appealing natural shape. Plants have been known to live as long as 60 years.

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