Mt. Airy Fothergilla - Bottlebrush

Fothergilla x major Mt. Airy
Mature Height: 6 to 8 ft.
Mature Spread: 6 to 10 ft.

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The Mt. Airy cultivar was selected by the famed horticulturalist Michael Dirr for its excellent form and outstanding foliage color in both summer and fall. It won the Georgia Gold Medal Selection for woody shrubs in 1994 and continues to be one of the best fothergilla on the market today.  

Bottlebrush plant is an exciting native that is often underutilized in the garden. It is native to the southeastern united states and fits perfectly into the garden of someone who is looking for structured beauty, while also adding food for our native pollinators and birds. In the early spring this plant opens up unique brush-like white flowers that have a wonderful fragrance (we love walking by it in the greenhouse). These flowers are plentiful and remain for a few weeks before falling to emerging well textured blue-green foliage. In fall fothergilla really shines, with swirls of reds, oranges, and yellows in a kaleidoscope of color. It is easy to grow, native and beautiful. We think this plant is a great choice for your garden if you want to support local ecology and create a beautiful landscape simultaneously.

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Excellent Customer Service

Fothergilla is impossible to find at local nurseries in my state of Utah, so I turned to online nurseries to acquire the plant. This was my first online plant purchase. I selected New Blooms Nursery because they were competitive price wise and an online blog gave them a good review. I am happy to say they did not disappoint. Their costumer service was above and beyond what I have experienced from most businesses, thus earning them five stars instead of the usual four stars I give most companies for competently meeting expectations. Communication about order, delivery, planting times, and methods were clear. And weather or not they were individually personalized or had automated personalization, they were written so well they felt like doing business in person. I also enjoyed how the communication was clear without additional ads or non-important information that make e-mails more difficult to read and recognize amongst the hundreds of e-mails I see a day.

The plant is planted, is doing well, and I look forward to continuing to use New Blooms Nursery as my first choice online nursery.