Tricyrtis 'Autumn Glow'

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Mature Height: 24 to 26 inches
Mature Spread: 24 to 36 inches
Proper Name: Tricyrtis formosana 'Autumn Glow'

Product type: Perennial - Pot

Tags: Bloom Fall, Bloom Summer, Deer Resistant, Feeds Pollinators, Flower (Blue), Flower (Pink), Flower (Purple), Full Shade, Long Blooming, Ornamental Leaves, Part Shade, Spring Ship Date - May 17 2021


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An excellent perennial for shady areas of the garden, Autumn Glow features particularly impressive variegation that pops out from from darker foliage adding height and texture that is difficult to achieve with hostas alone. The bright yellow variegation borders each of the leaves outlining and highlighting the beautiful leafy texture mounding texture of the plant. In late summer into early fall, orchid-like purple/violet flowers emerge just over the top of the plant adding to the display as the growing season winds down.

This plant thrives in shad and looks great in mass plantings or spread among hardscape or trees in the shade. The height really helps it accent fences retaining walls or hardscape decorations like wagons.

Photo Credit: Walter Gardens

Bloom Color:Orchid-like flowers with pinks, purples, and blues
Bloom Period:Late summer to fall (blooms earlier in warmer climates)
Genus & Species:Tricyrtis formosana 'Autumn Glow'
Mature Height:24 to 26 inches
Mature Spread:24 to 36 inches
Plant Spacing:20 to 30 inches
Planting Depth:Crown of plant level with the soil surface
Planting Time:Spring/Fall planting
Soil Type:moist soil that is rich in organic matter and drains well.
Sun Exposure:Part shade to full shade (< 6 hours)
Zone:5 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Caring for Tricyrtis 'Autumn Glow'

Does best in rich soil that has lots of organic matter. It loves shade, so treat it like a hosta and keep it in less than 6 hours of sun for best results. In the spring it tends to emerge later than other plants - so don't fret if you don't see it right away. We recommend you divide the plant into clumps every 3-4 years to maintain vigorous growth.

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