What to expect when you buy.

As a family operated business, we strive to bring your affordable and healthy plants with a personal touch. We are a family owned, fully licensed and insured nursery located on our 160 acre family farm on the southern Indiana side of the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area.

When we receive an order, we begin by tagging the highest quality plant in our nursery with your order number. During our shipping season all orders go out on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for delivery Wednesday-Saturday. Orders placed before Tuesday at 5pm ship the same week. All other orders ship the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

We stop shipping during summer and winter months because shipping and planting in hot and cold temperatures is too risky. We want your plant to have the best chance of survival. During this time you can still pre-order anything we have in stock and it will be shipped to you during the next window (March-May) or (Late September-December). We do take into account your growing zone and may extend our window for northern and southern locales.

When you pre-order your payment will be collected at the time of your order.

24-48 hours prior to shipping Emily and I bring your potted plant to a staging area where we water it thoroughly. The morning of shipping, Emily removes each plant from its pot and packs the roots in our special moisture retention packaging. She then passes it to me (Travis) and I box it and ship it to you.

Why buy plants?

Intentionally planted trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants add aesthetic appeal to urban, rural, and suburban areas. Deciduous shade trees can also help with energy bills and increase environmental sustainability when planted to shade a home in hot summer months and defoliate to provide sunlight in cold winter months. Some trees and shrubs also bear fruit, which provides local, safe, environmentally friendly nutrition to your family.

Emily's Note: A few years ago Travis got a PhD in Cognitive Science. The next paragraph is his attempt to put it to use.
Psychological research shows that plants and natural vistas have the power to rejuvenate the human mind. For example, research on Attention Restoration Theory finds that even a short exposure to a planted landscape can restore the ability to concentrate and solve problems. Natural landscapes can also aid mental endurance and resiliency in patients with mental or physical illness. This effect is still being studied, but many clinicians have begun to appreciate the importance of natural spaces and gardens in hospital and rehabilitation settings.

Plants are a relatively low-cost way to make your home more sustainable, grow your own food, and re-energize your mind and body. Why not start now? Figure out what plants work in your yard and plant a few.


Shipping is free, except to some of the western states.

When you will get your tree depends on your climate. We ship all plants during two windows:
Spring: February - Mid-May 
Fall: Early October - December 1st

We ship by U.S. Priority Mail, which includes confirmation of delivery and $100 insurance for any major damage to the plant. Priority Mail delivery to most areas takes 2 to 3 days. We may use UPS on large orders. Items are only shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for delivery between Wednesday and Saturday.

Occasionally, extreme weather delays our shipping. In the event it does we will let you know. 

In the rare case that your plant arrives damaged do the following: Take a few photos of the damage and the box, save the box (30 days), and email us. We will send you a replacement tree and file a USPS insurance claim on your behalf.

We ship nursery items beginning February to Mid-May. Due to risk from heat exposure and loss of water due to intense transpiration we choose not to ship in the summer months. Some nurseries will ship plants during this time period, but we have found that for us it is not worth the risk - even if we get them to you, the odds of a successful planting are not good.

Fall shipping begins in early October and continues until December 1st. We can ship trees when the weather is cold more easily to southern climates that northern climates, so at the time of your order we will provide you will advice if you are beyond the shipping window.

There is a shipping charge for WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, UT, WY, ID, MT, CO, NM, AK, and we don't ship to Hawaii.