Shipping is free for trees, except to some of the western states.

Shipping for perennial plants is as follows:
1 = $7.99
2 to 4 = $11.99
5 to 7 = $19.99
8 or more = Free

We ship all plants during the spring and fall windows.
Spring: Late February - Early May
Fall: Early October - December 1st

The only plants we ship in summer are our 1 gallon potted perennials.
Summer: May - June 30th & September - Early October

Potted varieties are explicitly listed as "Ships in pot/root pouch" on our product pages. You can also find the first expected ship date on the product page.

We ship UPS Ground, which includes confirmation of delivery and $100 insurance for any major damage to the plant. Ground delivery to most areas takes 3 to 4 days. We reserve the right to use USPS on plants larger than 3 ft. tall, but right now we are using only UPS due to slowness with USPS. Items are only shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for delivery between Wednesday and Saturday.

Occasionally, extreme weather delays our shipping. In the event it does we will let you know. 

In the rare case that your plant arrives damaged do the following: Take a few photos of the damage and the box, save the box (30 days), and email us. We will send you a replacement tree and file a USPS insurance claim on your behalf.

There is a shipping charge for NV, UT, WY, ID, MT, CO, NM and we don't ship to Hawaii, CA, OR, WA, AK or AZ.

Shipping Details

We have two shipping methods that work well for us depending on the time of year:

Shipping in Moisture-Lock Bag
(Much more than your typical bare root)

During our 'Spring Shipping' window and 'Fall Shipping' window, we remove all trees from the pot unless specifically requested. First, we water the tree thoroughly, remove your tree from the pot, shake out the excess dirt, cover the roots in a combination of sawdust and moisture retention gel, wrap that in damp newspaper, and then wrap that in a plastic bag. We've successfully shipped trees all over the country using the method. It's more work than simply putting a pot in a box, but it allows us to charge you less than and ship you bigger root systems than other nurseries.

Due to risk from heat exposure and loss of water due to intense transpiration we choose not to use this method in the summer months. Some nurseries will ship bare root plants during this time period, but we have found that for us it is not worth the risk - even if we get them to you, the odds of a successful planting are not good.

Potted Shipping

We ship all of our perennials in a pot or root pouch. These will be enclosed in a single box for to prevent damage and then in a larger box to consolidate the shipment.

Shipping by Zone

During the transition from winter to spring we time our shipments based on USDA Zone and weather. This gives us a general guideline for the best time to ship. These dates are not set in stone. We can ship earlier or later provided you let us know. If you want us to ship earlier, we recommend you provide protection for your plants by keeping them potted indoors until the time is right to plant outside. This is a general guide - we make decisions on a plant by plant basis, so please see the product page for a more specific shipping timeline.

Zone Start Shipping Trees & Shrubs Start Shipping Perennials
 Zone 8+ Late February April 1st
Zone 7 March 1st April 8th
Zone 6 March 15th April 15th
Zone 4-5 April 1st May 1st
Zone 1-3 May 1st May 15th


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