Our Refund/Replacement Policy


When you open the box

We strive to bring you healthy trees. Every tree is personally inspected by the owners of the company before it leaves our nursery. We guarantee that our trees will arrive alive and healthy. If you find they are unacceptable due to health or size, email us immediately. We will typically ask that you provide some photo evidence of your issue and we will work with you to resolve it. In the event that the tree is unhealthy, shows significant damage, or is the wrong size we will send a replacement tree at no cost to you. Please do this before you plant the tree.

After you plant

Once the tree arrives to you there is a lot that can happen, so please remember to contact us immediately if there is a problem. We do not accept returns. You can make sure you get the refund process started correctly with these steps.

Although they are dormant coming out of the box, they are living things that want to survive and thrive. That said, they are immobile so your planting site selection is incredibly important for their survival. Some trees are tough, but many of the interesting and beautiful varieties (Dogwoods, redbuds, Japanese maples) are more fragile. They require the right kind of light, soil and water in concert to thrive.

Because we ship our trees dormant, our spring warranty extends until June 15th of your order year. For fall orders this is June 15th of the next year. If you have a problem with your tree up to June 15th, please take a few photos of your planting site and tree then send them to us at support@newblooms.com. We will work with you to resolve the issue and replace or refund your order. If you have problems after June 15th, we will provide 50% store credit up to July 15th of your order year.

All refunds and credits are contingent on you following our planting guidelines, including appropriate site selection. A handful of mulch over grass in a field, redbuds in the Utah desert, dogwoods with rock mulch on an eroded hill on a new construction site - these are examples of not following the planting guidelines. Incorrect planting drastically reduces the odds of success for a tree. Incorrect planting depth, incorrect watering, and not mulching are a few common mistakes that can lead to tree failure. In addition to following our guidelines, please educate yourself in the proper planting and watering techniques for your specific cultivar, and your local weather patterns.

Dormant trees

Most of the trees we ship are dormant and we hand check to make sure every tree is still alive before we ship it. Plant the tree and be patient. Crape Myrtles, for example, are notorious for waiting long into the spring to break dormancy when transplanted. Please be patient with them. If you believe the tree is dead scratch a tiny piece of bark off the trunk with your thumbnail. Live trees will be green underneath the bark and have flexible branches, dead ones will be brown and brittle. If you are shipped a tree in dormancy and it doesn't break dormancy by June 1st, you will have until June 10th to qualify for a refund. Send us a photo and email informing us about the dormant tree and we will replace it for you.


Before you plant

We've worked over the years to ensure our perennial plants are healthy and full sized when they arrive at your doorstep. Every perennial plant is personally inspected by the owners of the company before it leaves our nursery. We guarantee that our plants will arrive healthy and true to type. If you find they do not match the description on the website or are unhealthy, email us immediately. We will typically ask that you provide some photo evidence of your issue, and work with you to resolve it. You must contact us before you plant them. Once you put them in your garden or yard they can no longer be exchanged. Yes. We have gotten photos of plants in gardens where the color isn't quite right demanding a refund. Please let us know before you plant it.

We do our best to ensure the photos on our website are accurate and up-to-date for each cultivar. We don't doctor photos to make purples or reds, more vibrant - what you see on the site is what you should expect in your garden, but small variations can occur.

After you plant

We work very hard to make sure that our plants are healthy when they arrive to you. That's why we extend a 45 day full replacement warranty on all perennial plants. This will take the form of store credit or replacement plants. It does not include the cost of shipping. In order to qualify for this warranty we ask that you simply follow the planting guidelines and send a photo demonstrating that the plant was planted in conditions matching the plant card and that mulch was applied. Planting sedum in a bog, or astilbe in rocky arid soil, or delphiniums on a beach are extreme examples of not following the planting guidelines, but we've seen it! Please educate yourself and read the growing conditions - preferably during your planning phase.

For plants beyond 45 days (this is a hard deadline) we extend 50% store credit up to 90 days including your shipping costs (another hard deadline). Once again, this is contingent on following the appropriate planting guidelines. We do our best to be understanding, but if you clearly abused the plant, planted in the wrong conditions, or did not mulch we reserve the right to deny a refund or credit.

Most of our perennials want to survive - if something happens and they start to show signs of wilting, drooping, leaf drop, leaf spot, color loss feel free to reach out and we'll direct you to an appropriate resource.

Our support email address is support@newblooms.com.