How to Start the Refund Process for a Tree

Waiting on a new tree to come out of dormancy can create some anxiety, especially in species like redbuds and crape myrtles. Please use the following steps to inquire about and start the refund process. Growing a tree takes effort, planning and patience, so we've created these steps to be fair to you, while also being fair to our family and business.

All trees are inspected before they leave our nursery for health, but if you are worried email us when you get it. We will check it out. Otherwise all trees must be planted with the planting directions followed to qualify for a refund.

We do not warranty trees planted in pots or planters.

Step 1: Plant your tree. This seems simple, but trees must be planted for you to qualify for a refund. Trees that were never planted or removed prior to contacting us do not qualify.

Step 2: Email If you are worried about your tree, email us. Do it early, and simply let us know you are worried. In most cases, we know how trees are doing around the country and when different species will be coming out of dormancy. We will likely ask you to be a bit more patient. Send photos of the trunk, the planting site, and closeups of the branches. We may ask you to perform a scratch test.

Step 3: Follow-up. If we asked you to be patient for 2-3 weeks and things still are not progressing please repeat step 2 and we will either ask you to give it a little more time or process your refund.