How to care for your new perennial or shrub

A note on cardboard: In the video we apply cardboard after planting. This is a good way to keep back any competing weeds, but cardboard will repel water from the base of the plant. Cardboard is not required, if you do use it, make certain it is cut into small pieces that will allow water to pass through to the plant.

Steps to plant a potted perennial or shrub

1: Check Soil. Check Light. Dig. 

Ensure your location meets the light and soil requirements for your plant. Dig the hole 2 times the pot diameter and break up the soil in the bottom. 

2: Remove from Box.

Upon arrival, remove the plant from the box. Potted plants don’t need to be planted immediately, but plants in a pot have more water needs than plants in the ground. Plant when the soil is workable, not wet, or overly hard.

 3: Remove the Pouch and Plant.

Use a sharp clean pair of scissors to cut off the root pouch or plastic pot from the roots of the plant. Pulling the plant directly out of the pot can damage the plant and roots. Try not to disturb the soil and roots when removing the pot. We realize this can be a challenge, just do your best. Place the plant in the hole so the soil in the pot is even with the ground. Replace the space in the hole with the dirt you removed. Crush clumps into finer dirt. 

4: Mulch. Water. Fertilize.

Mulch the plants with 1-2” of wood mulch. Rock is not Mulch. Water your plant in by slowly soaking it with a hose. We highly recommend a moisture meter to take out the guesswork, but continue a watering regiment based on the needs of the plant as described on the plant card. See “trees” step 8 for fertilizing.

5: Apply Fertilizer

A soil test will help you identify if you need fertilizer. It also varies plant to plant. For general care we recommend a slow-release fertilizer spread into the mulch at the time of planting. Reapply each spring and early fall.