Preparing for your Shipment

Click here for information on how to plant your tree.

My order is here, but it has significant damage

This does occasionally happen. Please take a picture of the plant and the box (with the tracking number/label clearly displayed). Orders are insured and we will work to replace it for you. Please save the box - USPS rules require we occasionally prove that there was damage. For light damage to twigs or stems or small branches, you can prune the damaged limb back to right above the next bud. Your tree or shrub will easily recover from this.

I can't plant my tree right now!

You should plant the tree ASAP. Please plant it in it's permanent location upon arrival.

If you absolutely can't plant your tree, then you can attempt to store the tree for a period of 2-3 days in a cool shaded area below 60 degrees. To do this you will need a container (pot, bucket, garbage can, bag) and some loose potting soil. Simply put a layer of dry soil in the container 3-4 inches, then put the roots of plant in the container. Cover the remaining roots with soil and moisten the soil (moist not wet, I can't stress that enough). If you are worried about getting it too wet, just moisten the soil before you cover the roots, that way you won't have standing water in the bottom of your container.

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