Allium schoenoprasum Rising Star

Rising Star
Mature Height: 10 to 12 inches
Mature Spread: 10 to 12 inches

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We've always loved ornamental onion and chives. These little cuties can be popped into also any part of the garden for a maintenance free splash of color. Even better, they are edible! Blooms are star shaped puff-balls resting on small chive like stalks late spring into early summer. Simple, wild-life resistant, low maintenance and fun. These plants are great for border gardens, rock gardens and even container plantings. They will spread easily and without through in clumps from the base of the plant creating bastions of edible color in your garden.

 Why Rising Star?

Emily and I love ornamental chives because they are so easy! We planted some about a decade ago and they have slowly spread through the sunny front our vegetable garden providing great interest and good utility in the kitchen. They are a great place to start for a beginning gardener because they are easy, multi-purpose and can be easily moved or removed.

Photo Credit: Perennial Resource

Bloom Color:Lovely pink puffballs
Bloom Period:Late spring to early summer
Genus & Species:Rising Star
Mature Height:10 to 12 inches
Mature Spread:10 to 12 inches
Plant Spacing:6 to 8 inches
Planting Depth:1 to 2 inches
Planting Time:Spring Planting
Soil Type:Well drained soil
Sun Exposure:Full Sun
Zone:3 to 8

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Allium schoenoprasum Rising Star

Allium is easy to grow from full sun to part shade making it a very versatile plant. I will tolerate soil with any fertility making it a great choice for barren rocky soils and clay. Both disease and wildlife resistant it is a great plant for beginner and experienced gardeners alike.

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