Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa
Mature Height: 24 inches
Mature Spread: 24 inches

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Native butterfly weed is a cousin to the common milkweed and one of the preferred host plants of the monarch butterfly. In early summer, red/orange blooms emerge from deep green foliage and last around three months. The blooms have strong stems and make great cut flowers - stems can be sealed over a flame to prevent the sticky sap from running out. Monarch habitat has been destroyed at an alarming rate, but has begun to make a comeback to the concerted efforts of gardeners like you to plant host plants in their backyard garden beds. You can be part of the effort to save the monarch butterfly by adding Asclepias to your own garden.

 Photo Credit: Walters Gardens

Bloom Color:Bright orange flower clusters
Bloom Period:Early to late summer
Genus & Species:Asclepias tuberosa
Mature Height:24 inches
Mature Spread:24 inches
Plant Spacing:20 to 22 inches
Planting Depth:Plant even with the soil in pot
Planting Time:Spring or fall planting
Soil Type:Can tolerate many soil types
Sun Exposure:Full sun
Zone:3 to 9

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