Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Amelanchier grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'
Mature Height: 20 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 ft.

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Serviceberry is an outstanding, but still underutilized native tree that has so much to offer. In the early spring, small frilly white blooms adorn the tree giving it showy appeal in a smaller more shrublike package. Berries begin to form and ripen in early summer, which is why many call the tree the Juneberry. These berries are like a blueberry with a small seed in the middle that reminds me of a small sunflower seed. I think the berries are delicious and I prefer them to blue berries for the more mild flavor. Each tree can yield pounds of delicious berry that will power your smoothie maker, cereal bowl or yogurt for weeks. I'm sure they are delicious in baked good as well.

The cultivar Autumn Brilliance shares all of these attributes, but also brings a high contrast orange/red coloration in the fall. It rivals the best maples for color and provides it in a much smaller and more manageable size. In a green yard, or against a white house these trees pop like nothing else. This cultivar will grow as a multi-stem shrub if left alone or can be trained to a single tree form with pruning.

With it's medium size serviceberry is a great option for a specimen tree in a flower bed or as a foundation planting on a hardscape. It can be used in places where gardeners have traditionally used burning bush as a native alternative. Pollinators love serviceberry in the spring, and birds love it in the summer as it provides berries and excellent habitat.

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Teague Meyer
Trees are planted and thriving!

Great experience with this purchase. Trees are doing great.

Wayne Landgraff
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Very prompt service. Tree arrived within days of placing the order. Was well packaged and very healthy upon arrival. Looking forward to the tree adding beauty to our yard for years to come.

Holly Morgan
Healthy Tree Delivered Quickly

The tree arrived promptly and in great condition. I planted it the next day,and the buds are already swelling. Very satisfied with this company.

Looks good!

This tree arrived quickly and in good condition. It has been in the ground for just over a week and is putting out leaves.

Brien Bohmann
Looks great!

Arrived dormant with flower buds pushing. Flowered beautifully. Is starting to leaf out now.

Tallahassee, FL 8b