Blue Star Juniper

Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'
Mature Height: 18 inches
Mature Spread: 18 to 22 inches

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Blue Star is a low maintenance, small evergreen accent that works great among hardscapes and border gardens. The steel blue foliage of Blue Star keeps a tidy mound like shape with new growth showing up in small star-like spiky cones.

Blue Star Juniper will do well in full sun to part shade, but we recommend at least 4 hours of direct sunlight for best performance. They will grow slowly topping out around 2 feet in width and 18 inches in height. They are virtually maintenance free if grown in well drained soil and not crowded by the foliage of other plants. Blue Star sensitive to salt and we recommend keeping them away from areas where pets urinate or the foliage will turn brown and die back.

Fall Color:Steel blue/green; year round; bright green with new spring growth.
Genus & Species:Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'
Mature Height:18 inches
Mature Spread:18 to 22 inches
Plant Spacing:18 to 24 inches
Planting Depth:At crown level (base of the plant)
Planting Time:Spring to fall planting
Soil Type:Prefers soil with good drainage.
Sun Exposure:Full Sun to part shade

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Blue Star Juniper

Junipers are fairly easy to care for, make sure the site is well drained onto the dry side. Avoid areas where dogs will urinate or salt will be applied as this will create brown spots on the tree. Junipers are suceptible to spider mites, if a tree appears to be struggling hold a white sheet of paper under some branches and gently shake. Small moving dots are spider mites, treat with a drenching application of insecticidal soap. Apply slow release fertilizer and refresh yearly - junpiers grow slowly, but still need basic nutrients.

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