Carolina Sweetheart™ Redbud

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Mature Height: 20 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 to 20 ft.
Proper Name: Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1'

Tags: Bloom Spring, Easy to Grow, Feeds Pollinators, Flower (Pink), Flower (Purple), Native (Cultivar), Ornamental Leaves, Part Shade, Part Sun, Variegated


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The variegated leaves on the Carolina Sweetheart™ Redbud are unlike anything we have ever seen. Following the pink flowers, maroon, red and pink leaves emerge in early spring transitioning to variegated green and white as they age. These leaves keep the tree awash with reds, pinks, whites, and greens that swirls through the leaves and tree. As fall approaches the tree transitions to shades of yellow with the reds and whites of the variegation still apparent. Topping out around 20-25 ft. the Carolina Sweetheart™ makes an excellent understory tree or center piece for a section of your garden. It's Latin name is Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1' because it was created by horticulturalists at NC State University and it can be difficult to propagate making it a rare and special tree.

Like most redbuds varieties, these are hearty trees that grow quickly. In the spring, you should enjoy the clusters of 1/2 inch purple pink flowers that appear directly on the bark. A healthy tree will have the strongest variegated growth immediately after flowering early in the spring. Variegation will fade somewhat into the summer depending on location and health of the tree. To protect the trees roots from summer heat stress refresh 2-3 inches of organic wood mulch annually - especially if the tree is in full or afternoon sun. In the fall, prior to leaf drop apply 5-7 month slow release fertilizer to encourage strong spring growth. Variation tends to be strongest on new growth, so trim dead branches in the late fall/early winter. We recommend keeping the 2-3 foot radius around the tree clear of grass and well mulched for the first few years, this will keep grass from competing for water and encourage root growth. Once the tree is well established, (3-4 years) grass can be allowed to return.

Bloom Color:Pink to purple
Bloom Period:Early spring
Fall Color:Variegated with yellow, reds, whites, and greens.
Foliage Color:Variegated red, green, pink, and white
Genus & Species:Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1'
Growth Rate:Fast
Mature Height:20 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread:15 to 20 ft.
Soil Type:Well drained soil, but highly adaptable. Very tolerant of different conditions
Sun Exposure:Full sun; Partial sun; Partial shade
Zone:4 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Customer Reviews

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Carolina Sweetheart Redbud

Curbside pickup was very convenient. The tree had both the last remnants of spring flowers and new red leaves when we picked it up. Stood about 7.5 ft tall. Tree has been very healthy and put out a profusion of gorgeous leaves. Very happy with our purchase and glad to have been able to find this variety.

Leigh Todd
New Bloom Red Bud's

I ordered two red bud's from new bloom. Both trees arrived in sealed plastic in good shape. They were not cheap but shipping was included and the size made them very competitive on price. I planted them the day they arrived and am waiting for them to break bud. I live in zone 7a. Thank you!


I just received the Carolina Sweetheart and the Red Kousa dogwood trees. I was AMAZED at the size of these trees. These are local nursery quality trees. The dogwood was multibranched w/ tons of buds. The CS was well over 5' tall. Very healthy appearing. I definitely bookmarked this nursery as a favorite. This is my 1st time ordering from this site. Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the trees! Also, I have bought 2 bareroot Red Kousas in the past from other vendors; paid about the same amount for scrawny sticks that didn't live. I will definitely be ordering more from NBN.

its growing

updating my review.

well it's been more than a few days since our last correspondence. the trees seemed like they were in a state of suspended animation for the longest time after arrival. when they arrived they had buds and some leaves and that is how they stayed for weeks, which is better than drying up and dieing, but it prompted me to reach out to you and complain they were no longer viable trees. You suggested giving them some time. well I did and finally I started noticing that there were new leaves emerging here and there on the redbuds and the bald cypress buds seemed to be swelling up and getting bigger.

I went to a local property owner and their bald Cyprus wasn't budding out yet either, so guess I need wait some more, then i noticed the red-bud trees in my city were blossoming and starting to leaf, yet my trees were still not doing much. Again i getting concerned. I think your trees appreciated the move north, our nights our cooler and we get a few warmer days and then few cooler days. it appears the trees I ordered didn't want to wake up to my weather here in Wisconsin. well finally a couple weeks ago they did finally decide to wake up, I didn't write then because iI just want to see how committed they were to start growing.

Finally I can report that all seems well, red buds are putting out new leaves, and heading in right direction and them lazy Bald cypress have decided to join the living also with there unique feathery leaves (needles). hoping the Bald cypress does well it sure has become a curiosty of the area. As most people first can't identify it and second dont belive it will survive this far north. They do, I have seen some growing here, in Wisconsin.

Patience! patience! is the keyword, but it sure took a while. Now I know. Thanks for your patience also. I will be looking to order in the future to complete my 6 species of redbud tree island.

thanks again Doug

chris bierman
Beautiful plant

Great service, great communication and nice plant. Thank you.