Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Mature Height: 8 to 12 inches
Mature Spread: 10 to 20 inches

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This dependable little ground cover works in areas that receive four or more hours of daylight. From late summer to early fall lungwort’s green bronze foliage becomes covered in small gentian blue flowers that really pop. Since it blooms later it works well as a filler adding interest to the garden late in the season when many other garden plants are already spent. In the fall, the foliage turns a rich orange/bronze color that further accentuates the blue flowers. It is a hardy plant that will grow well in a variety of locations. If you are looking to fill in a garden bed, need a ground cover or border plant lungwort may be a good choice.

 Photo Credit: Walters Gardens

Bloom Color:Vivid electric blue/purple blooms
Bloom Period:Late summer to late fall
Genus & Species:Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Mature Height:8 to 12 inches
Mature Spread:10 to 20 inches
Plant Spacing:10 to 18 inches
Planting Depth:Plant even with the soil in pot
Planting Time:Spring or fall planting
Soil Type:Can tolerate many soil types
Sun Exposure:Full sun to part shade
Zone:5 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

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Fast delivery - impressed with the size, fullness, and healthiness of the plants. Packaging was top notch.