Clematis 'Rain Dance'

Clematis Rain Dance
Mature Height: 42 inches
Mature Spread: 30 inches

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Unlike their climbing cousins the bush clematis keeps a lower profile, but what they do share are the prolific and unique blooms. Dark purple buds open into blue purple, bell-shaped flowers that face upward and outward to create a showy display. After flowering, attractive star shaped threadlike seed heads emerge creating a showy display among the still profuse flowers. These are stand out plants in the garden that, with a little care, will reward you all season long.

Plants benefit from staking and light cages are even better for keeping the broad deep-green foliage upright during the growing season. Clematis should be pruned each year to the previous year's wood, but this can be tricky as their dense structure makes it more challenging. Pruning should be done in winter or early spring, and will eliminate spring flowers - meaning you’ll have to wait for summer to experience the gorgeous blooms. For those who want spring flowers, restorative pruning can be done by pruning back ⅓ of the branches and leaving ⅔ to grow.

Photos courtesy of Walter Gardens

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful, healthy plant!

My two Rain Dance clematis arrived in perfect condition, healthy and already with buds and blooms. They’ve been transplanted and are thriving in their new location in SE Michigan. Excellent value as well. Thank you!!!

Barbara Edwards
Very nice plant

Very nice Clematis 'Rain Dance'. Well grown, huge size and well packed.