Dianthus Single Ladies™ 'Lip Gloss' - Pinks

Dianthus 'Lip Gloss' PPAF SINGLE LADIES™ Series
Mature Height: 8 inches
Mature Spread: 14-20 inches

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Hello 'Lip Gloss'. Is it your birthday, girl? 'Cause you lookin' likе a present. New to the scene is this fabulous selection of dianthus from the Single Ladies series. Dianthus, often called pinks, are a trusted flower when you need easy to grow color in spring and summer. 'Lip Gloss' will give you hot pink flowers with light pink centers that will shine and bring a little of the part to your garden or container planting.

Dianthus are semi-evergreen perennials that will give you a few blooms during the entire growing season and a huge flush from late spring into early summer. It's a tough plant that is resistant to most diseases and a lack of maintenance. Dianthus look amazing when planted in mass along a walkway border. When they bloom you'll see a blanket of pink kisses with hints of dark green popping through. They also keep a tidy shape and appearance, so they do well in smaller dedicated spaces shining in rock gardens, garden bed, and containers adding a splash of color and evergreen appeal wherever you choose to use them.

Bloom Color:Hot pink on light pink centers
Bloom Period:Late spring to summer
Genus & Species:Dianthus 'Lip Gloss' PPAF SINGLE LADIES™ Series
Mature Height:8 inches
Mature Spread:14-20 inches
Plant Spacing:14-20 inches
Planting Depth:Plant just at soil level, do not plant too deep.
Planting Time:Spring, summer, and fall
Soil Type:Neutral to Alkaline PH, soil must drain well.
Sun Exposure:Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone:4 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Dianthus Single Ladies™ 'Lip Gloss' - Pinks

Pinks grow best in soil that is loose and well drained. The prefer neutral to slightly alkaline PH, so applications of lime can help. They can be grown if full sun to part shades, but they will do best when soil is kept moist and they are not exposed to hot dry conditions. The evergreen foliage must be cleaned up in the fall to prevent disease and pests, cover with mulch in the winter to protect the foliage and then uncover promptly as the weather warms in spring. They offer a little challenge, but if you have the time they are worth it.

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