Red Flowering Dogwood

Cornus florida 'Rubra'
Mature Height: 15 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 to 25 ft.

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The red flowering dogwood is a historic and elegant tree that can bring beauty to your garden and this beauty can be seen all year. In early spring, this dogwood flowers with its dark pink bracts that have subtle highlights of red filling up the tree. When summer arrives the unique branching and deep green textured leaves provide an elegant and graceful appearance that can be seen when set among larger straighter shade trees, evergreens, or the sharp geometry of your home. Swirling scarlet and purple leaves add to the color show in the fall, along with brilliant red berries that attract up to 36 species of songbird through the early winter.
Bloom Color:Dark pink with red highlights
Bloom Period:Early to mid spring
Fall Color:Reddish-purple
Foliage Color:Green, new foliage is bright green
Genus & Species:Cornus florida 'Rubra'
Growth Rate:Slow to moderate
Mature Height:15 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread:15 to 25 ft.
Soil Type:Adaptable, but prefers moist, well draining soil that is rich in organic matter
Sun Exposure:Full sun, partial sun, partial shade
Zone:5 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rick Chambers
Been trying to reach u, the tree arrived almost dead, and it is planted but not looking good at a...

Is there anyway i can send the tree back, the package was damaged beyond repair and i blame that on the shippers, but I am going to contact your customer service department, and see what we can resolve, no I am not happy at all the way it came and how it looks now,ty


Plant arrived well packaged on May 18 and planted same day. Looks like it's already growing.

Kenneth Arney
Red Flowering Dogwood

plant arrived in good condition except the tip bud on the main stem was broken off (possibly when the packing paper was stuffed in to keep the plan from moving in the package) so I will have a tree with either multiple stems or a crocked stem depending on how it grows out

Diane Taylor
Red dogwood

Smaller than I thought but it will grow great customer service I got it when they said and they kept in touch

Diane Payne
Red Dogwood

I received my red dogwood and it was beyond my expectations . You can tell it was a healthy and vibrant tree, even though it is now in a dormant stage. I planted it right away and am eagerly wait for spring to see its beautiful blossoms .