Exclamation!™ London Planetree - Sycamore

Platanus x acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’
Mature Height: 60 ft.
Mature Spread: 45 ft.

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The Exclamation!™ London Planetree is an excellent shade tree if you are looking for disease resistance and a tolerance of poor conditions. With beautiful green, brown and tan exfoliating bark that peels off in large chunks, Exclamation!™ is a hybrid of the American sycamore (Plantus x occidentalis) and the Asian Plantetree (Plantus Orientalis) that was created specifically for its ability to resist a number of diseases that commonly afflict shade trees. The leaves of Exclamation!™ are large and thick and the tree itself has an excellent pyramidal upright shape reaching heights of 60 ft. tall and 45 ft. wide by maturity, which occurs at around 40-45 years. Often times you'll see the London Planetree in urban plantings where it does well due to its tolerance of pollution, heat, and poor quality soil. Planetree are common in parking lot islands, medians, and other grassy strips where there is ample room for large trees. With their uncommon beauty and resemblance to the American Sycamore, they also make a wonderful shade tree for the yard and will look very natural in yards where other native trees are present. Unlike the native sycamore fruiting is much lighter, making it unnecessary to clean up after the tree. 


Why we like the Exclamation!™ London Planetree

A young Exclamation!™ London Planetree can grow up to 3 feet when young. This growing speed coupled with resistance to a wide range of diseases and tolerance to neglect make it a great tree for a low maintenance planting, if you have the room for it. If you've struggled to make other shade trees work due to an urban setting or poor soil Exclamation!™ maybe the tree for you. If you've seen an American sycamore then you are aware of the beautiful peeling bark. Exclamation!™ has arguably better looking bark and will provide multi-season interest. It has a consistent pyramidal shape and grouping of Exclamation!™ where room exists to admire them from some distance can be especially stunning. In landscape design it's not uncommon to offset a forest edge of native trees by brining a cultivar out into the yard. The showy characteristics of the cultivar will shine, while also providing balance with the native trees of the natural tree-line.

Bloom Color:Green and of no ornamental value
Bloom Period:Early spring
Fall Color:Yellow
Foliage Color:Bright green in early spring darkening with summer
Genus & Species:Platanus x acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’
Growth Rate:Fast to moderate with age
Mature Height:60 ft.
Mature Spread:45 ft.
Soil Type:Adaptable to compacted and poor soil
Sun Exposure:Full sun
Zone:4 to 8

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

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