First Frost Hosta

Hosta 'First Frost'
Mature Height: 16 inches
Mature Spread: 36 inches

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First Frost, is a sport of the popular Halcyon hosta that keeps the characteristic lovely shape, medium size and blue/green coloration while adding an attractive variegation. This color helps the hosta pop in the shade garden, and it emerges as a bright yellow trim that transitions to a pure white as the season wears through summer. Blue hostas are a great foil to the more common greens of the garden, they add additional green/blue shades that while subtle, can be used to stunning effect alongside warmer colors like pinks, reds, oranges, or yellows. With the addition of variegation, this hosta can stand on it's own as an attractive feature, or can be used to help the transition from greens into yellows and chartreuse color-ways that pair very well with purples. 

Hostas are a popular perennial due to their flexibility and tolerance of many types of sunlight, but are best known for their success in shade. They are a great plant for supporting the showier members of your garden collective, but can offer many striking features in their own right. Hostas come in thousands of different varieties and many distinct shapes and colors. There is truly a hosta for every occasion or situation. They are hardy plants that can thrive in pristine and urban environments alike. Pair with Coral Bells for an excellent variety of shade tolerant low lying plants for walkways, borders and blending or joining garden elements.

 Photo Credit: Walters Gardens

Bloom Color:Purple
Bloom Period:Late summer
Genus & Species:Hosta 'First Frost'
Mature Height:16 inches
Mature Spread:36 inches
Plant Spacing:30-36 inches
Planting Depth:Eyes should be just below the surface
Planting Time:Spring
Soil Type:Prefer moist well drained soils
Sun Exposure:Full to Part Shade
Zone:3 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Perennial Hostas

For best success we recommend that you plant hostas in a rich, well-drained soil that holds moisture well. Hostas prefer some shade, and filtered or dappled shade is the best for consistent full growth. Morning sun typically does not burn hostas, but strong afternoon sun tends to burn or kill them outright. Remember that hostas naturally grow at the edge of woodlands in the filtered light beneath trees in rich loamy soil and you’ll always prepare the right conditions for your hostas. In areas of poor soil a thick layer of hard-wood mulch will quickly improve conditions.

Hostas are easily propagated and can be split during any time in their growing season. Each hosta you divide should have at least 3 eyes for best success, so as a rule of thumb divide every 2-3 years. Slugs can be a problem for hostas, so keep an eye out for holes in the center of your leaves, and consider slug traps if they become a serious problem. Cleaning out the dead foliage of your hostas in the fall will help eliminate slugs and other leaf eating insects and should be done as a preventative measure.

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