Genie Magnolia

Magnolia 'Genie'
Mature Height: 12-15 ft.
Mature Spread: 4-6 ft.

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Genie is a breakthrough in the Magnolia x liliiflora line of trees and and improvement over the traditional magnolia's Jane or Ann. It is the result of years of crossbreeding and was named 'Genie' because it may be able to grant the gardener three wishes. First, it has prolific dark pink blooms. From what we've seen it is the most bloom-covered of the small magnolias that we've offered. The density of the blooms reminds us of a rose bush and is simply gorgeous for up to 10 weeks in the early spring. Second, it is a space saving tree that is disease resistant. Foliage of Genie is more resistant to mildew and other afflictions that the traditional little girl series magnolias, and it keeps a much more tidy upright shape with a strong central leader. This makes it more useful and easy to care for than small magnolias in the past. Plant it in the middle of a garden bed for a stunning spring specimen, or a plant a few along the foundation of a house to break-up your shape with vertical accents. Third Genie is a winner, you don't have to take just our word that this is an excellent plant it won the 2011 first prize at the International Plant trade Fair at Essen, Germany. 

If you can't tell we are excited to finally be able to offer reliable Magnolia 'Genie" stock, because it is simply an excellent specimen with a multitude of uses. It will make an outstanding specimen tree in any garden bed, bringing your yard to life with its figurative tsunami of blooms in early spring. The small stature, only 12-15 ft. high and 4-6 ft. wide make it easy to incorporate in crowded gardens where sufficient light is available.  

Bloom Color:Deep rich pink; prolific
Bloom Period:Early spring; sometimes again in summer
Fall Color:Bronze, copper
Foliage Color:Dark green
Genus & Species:Magnolia 'Genie'
Growth Rate:Slow-Medium
Mature Height:12-15 ft.
Mature Spread:4-6 ft.
Soil Type:Adaptable to many soil conditions
Sun Exposure:Full sun to part sun
Zone:5 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Customer Reviews

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Genie Magnolia

It is absolutely what we needed for a small space in the garden. It is full of buds and can’t wait for it to bloom.

Beautiful little tree, stellar service

Really happy with this little magnolia! Love its shape and it is healthy with a few buds already! Super excellent customer service! They had us indicate when we were ready to receive it for immediate planting. Great packaging; arrived safely without the need for shipping soil. Clever! In addition, this little tree was ~1\2 the cost of a scraggly one at my local nursery so I purchased a dogwood, too! Thanks!!!