Heuchera Electric Plum - Coral Bells

Heuchera 'Electric Plum' PP29924
Mature Height: 16 to 18 inches (scape 26")
Mature Spread: 16 to 18 inches

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This mounding heuchera is a great way to provide transition between the colors green, pink, white and purple. The large leaves emerge bight purple that blends into deeper purple in the midrib and veins. As it ages, the edges of the leaves offer hints of lighter purple and pink and in mid-summer flowers of pure light pink emerge to further enhance this plant. Among other green, silver and whites this heucheras color really thrives and in amongst flowers it can “really tie the room/garden together” by blending with colors in a border, foundation planting, or rock garden. 

Coral bells can thrive in pots and offer many opportunities for a clever gardener to apply long lasting color and unique texture near the hardscaping of the house or other areas where it is difficult or impossible to plant. 

Coral Bells grow in clumps with tight leafy foliage that gives it the appearance of small bush, it can be used in groups to line walkways or garden beds with colored and textured plants. It can also be planted among a bed or in a container to provide a tight pop of color. In the summer heuchera grows shoots of tall white/pink flowers above the plant. Heuchera is a very easy to grow native plant that provides a ton of options for anyone looking for a disease resistant low maintenance plant.

This plant is a Heuchera villosa hybrid. The H. villosa species is a robust, late blooming type that exhibits an increased tolerance of high heat and humidity over other species. H. villosa is native to the southeastern United States.

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Heucheras looking great!

I received my order within 2 days of it being shipped. The plants were a tad droopy from being boxed up, but not damaged at all. I planted them almost immediately and they perked right up! They are already putting out new growth and looking as good as I hoped they would! I'm glad I found a small grower business. Will order from them again!