Heuchera Green Spice - Coral Bells

Heuchera americana 'Green Spice'
Mature Height: 12 inches
Mature Spread: 15 inches

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This heuchera has a classic color, bright green edges, silver leaves, and purple veins provide a subtle yet interesting addition to the garden. Not every plant should pop, but the green spice heuchera provides a layer of consistency and interest that will helps bring out the best of other plants in a beautiful package. Coral Bells grow in clumps with tight leafy foliage that gives it the appearance of small bush, it can be used in groups to line walkways or garden beds with like colored and textured plants. It can also be planted among a bed or in a container to provide a tight pop of color. In the summer heuchera grow shoots of tall white/pink flowers above the plant. Heuchera is a very easy to grow native plant that provides a ton of options for anyone looking for a disease resistant low maintenance plant.

Bloom Color:White and pink
Bloom Period:Summer
Genus & Species:Heuchera americana 'Green Spice'
Mature Height:12 inches
Mature Spread:15 inches
Plant Spacing:15 inches
Planting Depth:Be careful not to bury the crown of the plant
Planting Time:Spring, summer, or fall
Soil Type:Adaptable to a variety of conditions
Sun Exposure:Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone:4 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Heuchera Green Spice - Coral Bells

Heucheras are an easy to grow plant that is great for beginner gardeners and anyone looking for a low maintenance perennial. They can be grown in full shade, but the growth rate will be slow, in sun they prefer to be shaded from the hot afternoon sun and will show best color and growth if afternoon shade is provided. They are evergreen in areas with mild winters and if the plant looks damaged or tattered in the early spring simply clip of the damaged leaves. Heucheras are resistant to juglone you they can be drown under walnut trees and they are salt tolerant, making them adaptable to urban conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing experience

What a great experience! I ordered 2 plants, they shipped quickly, arrived in great condition and they were healthy, large plants. Thanks so much!

mary wagner
gorgeous and beautifully grown

these Heuchera were so beautiful- well grown packed and shipped as requested. they look beautiful in my garden from the moment they were planted. extremely happy!

Aaron Steppe
Gorgeous and well-sized!

I was not expecting much for the price, as most other places send a twig with roots.

Not this baby--it's a full plant that was shipped beautifully. I absolutely love the leaves and can't wait to see how it looks with my chocolate shogun astilbe and painted fern. Really so happy.

Healthy Plants with a great Price

We purchased 22 plants all are growing well and we are very pleased with our purchase.