Heuchera Primo Peach Berry Ice - Coral Bells

Heuchera 'Peachberry Ice' PP31433 CPBRAF
Mature Height: 8 to 10 inches (flower 24")
Mature Spread: 30 to 34 inches

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This spreading heuchera is great for blending and filling in your garden. Use it to blend the colors of your show-stopper plants together and fill in the shallow areas of your garden near a border or walkway. Brilliant 4”-5” Peach/pink leaves emerge in the spring and cool down as the season wears on. This allows Peachberry Ice to be a star in the early season, but then take on a support role as the season wears on. Great for blending pink, orange, and many shades of green into the garden. It also works well among chartreuse, silver and white. It’s a plant that can “really tie the room/garden together” by blending with colors in a border, foundation planting, or rock garden. 

Coral bells can thrive in pots and offer many opportunities for a clever gardener to apply long lasting color and unique texture near the hardscaping of the house or other areas where it is difficult or impossible to plant. 

Coral Bells grow in clumps with tight leafy foliage that gives it the appearance of small bush, it can be used in groups to line walkways or garden beds with colored and textured plants. It can also be planted among a bed or in a container to provide a tight pop of color. In the summer heuchera grows shoots of tall white/pink flowers above the plant. Heuchera is a very easy to grow native plant that provides a ton of options for anyone looking for a disease resistant low maintenance plant.

Bloom Color:White and pink
Bloom Period:Summer
Genus & Species:Heuchera 'Peachberry Ice' PP31433 CPBRAF
Mature Height:8 to 10 inches (flower 24")
Mature Spread:30 to 34 inches
Plant Spacing:30 inches
Planting Depth:Be careful not to bury the crown of the plant
Planting Time:Spring, summer, or fall
Soil Type:Adaptable to a variety of conditions
Sun Exposure:Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone:4 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Heuchera Primo Peach Berry Ice - Coral Bells

Heucheras are an easy to grow plant that is great for beginner gardeners and anyone looking for a low maintenance perennial. They can be grown in full shade, but the growth rate will be slow, in sun they prefer to be shaded from the hot afternoon sun and will show best color and growth if afternoon shade is provided. They are evergreen in areas with mild winters and if the plant looks damaged or tattered in the early spring simply clip of the damaged leaves. Heucheras are resistant to juglone you they can be drown under walnut trees and they are salt tolerant, making them adaptable to urban conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Fritz
A wonderful color accent

This plant is a wonderful color accent in my dappled sun patio garden. It 's muted peach complements the purples, pinks, soft yellows. lime, and other shades of green in my garden. It arrived in perfect condition and is nicely sized.

Lois Brichta
Outstanding Plants

I have frequently ordered plants from on-line sites and catalogs only to be disappointed in the quality of what I received . Not with the plants from New Bloom. They arrived healthy and so large that they looked as if they had been growing in my guarded for years. Not even hand-selected, straight from the nursery plants can compare. New Bloom has renewed my faith in on-line buying. I have already made recommendations to my neighbors Thank you.