Hybrid Pink Dogwood (Compare to Stellar Pink®)

Cornus 'Rutgan' Stellar Pink
Mature Height: 15 to 20 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 to 20 ft.

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This hybrid pink dogwood is bred from the same line as the Stellar Pink® dogwood developed by Rutgers, so it inherits outstanding beauty and disease resistance. A blend of pink highlights on white with shades of green give this cultivar a regal, yet soft presence in the garden. It is an outstanding tree for near the home, planting among shade trees, or anywhere in the garden. In the spring it will come alight with large pink and white flowers and in the summer it's elegant upward form provides a great showpiece nestled among other trees of structures. For those who want all of the characteristics of a dogwood with extra hardiness this tree is an outstanding choice.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kathy Bogenberger
Kousa Dogwood, Pink Dogwood

Beautiful trees arrived with excellent packaging and root ball moist. (We are in NC) Both trees had leaves that we're opening up and healthy shortly after planting. We also ordered a Butterfly Bush. It is healthy, though small. It has just been planted a couple weeks and already showing new growth. Thank you!

Delaine Gutierrez
Waited few weeks but the 2 trees finally

Popping buds n leaves. Planted at old house w sidewalk to nowhere. 1 on each side to make canopy n garden room to somewhere, after had huge old trees cut that were in power lines. Quik ship. Looked like 2 twigs w received.

Still waiting for signs of life

Received the plant promptly and planted same day (4/29/21) as directed. Then colder weather came through with plenty of rain to provide the moisture needed. Today is the second sunny day since planting, and temps are to be close to 60 F. So we are hoping the dormant bud tips will begin to crack and open to green leaves. Only gave 3 stars as we await the change from dormancy to active growing.

Martha Anderson

We are very pleased with our new tree. We planted it right away following the wonderful directions included and are looking forward to next spring. Thank you for the excellent service. We used a tomato cage and turned it up side down to protect the tree from the deer. Thank you again!
Martha Anderson

Lillian Gordon
Happy Trees

Trees was received with buds. Planted immediately and both now have leaves. Both are happy in their new home. Thank you.