Japanese Snowball

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Mature Height: 12 to 15 ft.
Mature Spread: 10 to 15 ft.
Proper Name: Viburnum plicatum


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The Japanese Snowball is a beautiful, showy shrub that produces large, white flower clusters in the spring attracting butterflies. These flowers are then replaced by small red berries that will attract birds. It works well as a specimen plant with its natural round shape and thick green foliage or it can be incorporated into a group or hedge with other Japanese snowballs.

Bloom Color:White
Bloom Period:Spring
Fall Color:Reddish purple
Foliage Color:Medium green, oval, deciduous leaves
Genus & Species:Viburnum plicatum
Growth Rate:Medium
Mature Height:12 to 15 ft.
Mature Spread:10 to 15 ft.
Soil Type:Well drained soil; struggles in compacted soil
Sun Exposure:Full sun to part shade
Zone:5 to 8

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