Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Wolf Eyes'
Mature Height: 10 ft.
Mature Spread: 10 ft.

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When looking for a truly one of a kind dogwood look no further than the 'Wolf Eyes' kousa. It has the beautiful, white flowers of a kousa dogwood but that is where the similarities end. With the white blooms coming out in early summer they are highlighted against a backdrop of unique variegated leaves. The white and green variegation is very distinct and the leaves themselves appear crinkle which gives it a textured look through the entire season. In the fall the leaves will change to a bright pink that borders a darker pink. 'Wolf Eyes' kousa dogwood also has a smaller stature than most dogwoods making it a great understory tree or a specimen tree that you can fit into even the smallest of gardens. This tree flourishes in partial sun, and partial shade, and can do well in full sun with extra care and mulching. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah Iddins
Pushing leaves like crazy!!

This was my first-ever order from your company and admittedly, I was skeptical when you shipped the Wolf Eyes Dogwood to me "dormant" late last month (May), but the skepticism didn't last long. Planted it immediately and it's doing amazingly beautifully!! Couldn't find any local nurseries with it in stock. Thank you--am very very pleased!!

Shady Lady
Great Service

I ordered a dogwood tree online on Saturday. It was a hard to find species.
Received an email Monday morning that my order was processed and ready for shipping. I received my package on Wednesday afternoon. The tree was very securely wrapped for shipping. It came with clear instructions for planting. Now the only thing we need is better weather. I would definitely recommend New Blooms Nursery for customer service.

Lili Krezel
'Wolf Eyes' Arrived at a Good Time

3 stars only because I am neutral until I see growth later. They arrived at agreed time, nicely packed. Well shaped. Planted them according to directions, I'm eager to see how they grow.

Lauren Chandler
Great packaging

My dogwood was packaged super carefully. It seems to be pretty healthy overall. Fingers crossed it does well!

Robert Grenkowitz
All branches had nice live buds on end

Came overnight for me. Since I knew it was one of or the last one I realized it would be the smallest from graft to top just 16". Supposed to be 3". Had 15 branches spaced around that will make a beautiful special tree. This is #7 tree from them - first 5 in spring doing great putting on almost 20" of growth with Travis method of watering every 2 days. Will let you know next summer how they are doing. Boy just got them in the ground for the next 2 days of rain.