Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood
Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood

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The 'Wolf Eyes' kousa dogwood has a smaller stature than most dogwoods and it has variegated green leaves with a cream border. This tree flourishes in full sun, partial sun and partial shade, making it an ideal tree for almost any yard. From late spring to early summer, a profusion of spade shaped white blooms will adorn the 'Wolf Eyes' adding to the beauty of the variegated branches. For those looking for a unique and eye catching tree that keeps a compact form the 'Wolf Eyes' is a great choice.


Bloom Color:White
Bloom Period:Mid spring to early summer
Fall Color:Variegated with light red and dark red
Foliage Color:Variegated green and cream
Genus & Species:Cornus kousa 'Wolf Eyes
Growth Rate:Slow
Mature Height:10 to 15 ft.
Mature Spread:10 to 15 ft.
Soil Type:Moist, but well draining soil that is rich in organic matter
Sun Exposure:Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Zone:5 to 8

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Caring for Dogwoods - Cornus

With dogwoods care should be taken in selecting an appropriate planting site. The dogwood evolved in the border regions of forests, and as a result prefers soil that drains well, but holds moisture. Standing water or very wet soil will not allow enough oxygen to the roots, and can suffocate the plant. Amending your soil with compost in advance of planting and maintaining a 3-4 ft. ring of organic mulch through each season will greatly benefit your dogwood.

Dogwoods are adaptable to full sun, but a tree in full sun will be under more stress than one planted in partial sun, partial shade, or dappled light. If a tree is in full sun, special care should be taken to provide good soil conditions, remove competitive grass , and mulch in a 3-4 foot ring. Additional watering may be required for a dogwood in full sun and water should be applied slowly and deeply to the area surrounding the tree.