Magnolia Liliiflora Jane Tree

Magnolia liliiflora x 'Jane'
Mature Height: 10 to 15 ft.
Mature Spread: 8 to 12 ft.

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The Magnolia x 'Jane' is a member of the 'Little Girl' group of hybrid magnolia trees. These trees explode with purplish-pink and white blooms later in the spring than most magnolia trees helping them avoid frost in more northern climates. They grow to a mature height of only 10 to 15 feet, this along with the beautiful, tulip blooms make them a good tree for flower beds, near homes, or a specimen tree in a front yard. You should expect a growth rate of about 12 inches per year for this tree.

The photo of the tree next to the barn is one of our 3-4 ft. trees in a 4 gallon pot.

Customer Reviews

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Tree was shipped same day as my order, and arrived promptly about 3 days later. Arrived in perfect condition, very healthy, and even had a few blooms because we ordered in spring. Tree is now planted and sprouting leaves. Very much looking forward to this tree maturing and bringing us delight year after year! This was purchased for a Mothers day gift. Thank you New Blooms for your great service!

Andrea Olson
Magnolia Liliiflora Jane Tree

The tree was awesome. I planted it and already is leafing out.

Lisa H.
Very satisfied with my Jane Magnolia Tulip Tree

When I was ready to order the Jane Tulip Magnolia the website indicated they were sold out. I reached out to the nursery via email to ask if they would be getting any more Jane Tulip Magnolia trees because I really wanted one. New Blooms Nursery was the only retailer that had the color I wanted at what I thought was a fair price. They emailed me to say they did have some and that I could go ahead and place my order. I did so immediately and received my tree in about 3 days. Packaging was excellent and the tree arrived undamaged. It has since had two blooms open and leaf buds are growing now. I can tell you that I think New Blooms Nursery is a business you can trust and who has excellent customer service. I would definitely order from them again.

Steve Tuohy
Nice and healthy

The tree came in good condition with a bud waiting to bloom. Hopefully I can keep it from the deer

Jacquelyn Zaccardelli
Already growing beautifully…

… & can’t wait to see that continue! 🥰