Phlox 'Eye Shadow' - Creeping Phlox

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Mature Height: 4 to 6 inches
Mature Spread: 18 to 20 inches
Proper Name: Phlox subulata 'Eye Shadow'

Tags: Bloom Summer, Disease Resistant, Dry Conditions, Feeds Pollinators, Flower (Purple), Full Sun, Native (Cultivar), Urban Tolerant


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Creeping phlox is a sure sign that spring is underway. These gorgeous ground covers are often seen flowing over the sides of retaining walls and filling the foreground of garden beds. The electric purple color of 'Eye Shadow' phlox is stunning to behold. Where many creeping phlox carry shades of pink, 'Eye Shadow' possesses strong purple flowers with dark centers. This darker cooler coloration makes 'Eye Shadow' a perfect choice to offset red colored brick, the browns of wood, grays of limestone and the bright greens of spring. With a penchant for rocky alkaline soil, 'Eye Shadow' grows no taller than six inches and maintains a dense spreading habit that makes it an ideal ground cover for the rocky parts of southern Indiana.

Bloom Color:Electric purple with a dark purple center
Bloom Period:Early spring
Genus & Species:Phlox subulata 'Eye Shadow'
Mature Height:4 to 6 inches
Mature Spread:18 to 20 inches
Plant Spacing:6 to 8 inches
Planting Depth:Plant even with soil in pot
Planting Time:Spring, summer or fall planting
Soil Type:Does well in dry, rocky, alkaline well draining soil
Sun Exposure:Full sun (6+ hours)
Zone:2 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Caring for Phlox 'Eye Shadow' - Creeping Phlox

Creeping phlox is an easy to grow ground cover than can tolerate poor, alkaline and rocky soil. Good drainage is important for phlox and it is advised to cut it back in summer, just after bloom, to promote dense growth and refresh the plant. Phlox will continue to spread and can be easily subdivided and replanted in the summer.

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