Ruby Falls Redbud - Cercis Candensis

Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls' PP22097
Mature Height: 4-6 ft.
Mature Spread: 3-4 ft.

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To say that Ruby Falls is a unique tree is perhaps an understatement. With large weeping heart shaped leaves, it is a tree that resembles a tiny monster as much as it does a tree. That's why, if you have a little bit of imagination and are willing to take a risk, this is a wonderful tree to use as the focus planting in a part of your garden. The human eye can't resist looking at it. Perhaps it triggers part of the brain that forces your attention, like a striking piece of art or some other captivating subject. If you want your yard or garden to beckon the eye and demand attention this is a great tree for the job all season long whether in branch, bloom, or leaf.

Ruby Falls is a purple redbud that will maintain purple/red leaves through the growing season. Like the forest pansy, the depth of color depends on the amount of sun that the leaves receive. In full sun the leaves will transition to a deep green with brighter green veins - The one pictured here is in full summer sun in August, hence the green shades. In full shade, they will remain more purple with green veins. Like all redbud trees, the ruby falls has captivating heart shaped leaves and small bright purple flower clusters in the early spring. Redbuds are hearty and disease resistant trees, and can tolerate a wide range of soil and light conditions.

Customer Reviews

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joe shane
Ruby falls redbud

Awesome tree, great price. Fast shipping would definitely recommend.

Judy Saunders
Ruby Falls Redbud

When, received no signs of budding. I'm little concerned about that. The steam looked ok, the tip of the steam looked dried so I nipped that part off. I could not put it down right away, because when received we had two days of heavy rain. IT'S STILL NO SIGNS OF BUDDING.

Spencer Campbell
Our coneflowers can very healthy!

The plants came nice and healthy. They seem happily transplanted in our yard. Can’t wait to see what they do.

A Jones
Such a lovely tree

I ordered a ruby falls redbud recently, after a lot of research. New Blooms had great information and details on their site. The reviews were primarily excellent.
Once I ordered, I got a clear message about tracking/ delivery. It proved accurate- I greeted the UPS man in my driveway.
The tree arrived in a bag with its root ball nicely wrapped. It was about 4 feet tall, as described. There was a handy bamboo pole to guide its growth.
I planted it as directed and watered it as per the wonderfully detailed directions.
I am about 3 weeks in and the teeny tiny barely visible buds have grown and sprouted into early foliage. I am excited every day to check the growth.
I had never ordered a tree online but so far so great!!

Brad P.
Cercis Candensis

tree is doing good so far, it start to shot out leaves.