Scarlet Fire® Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'RUTPINK'
Mature Height: 20 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 to 20 ft.

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Large dark pink/red blooms are rare in a kousa dogwood and that's exactly what make Scarlet Fire special. The palm sized bloom bracts appear in the late spring to early summer and provide a dramatic statement during a time when most other trees are finished blooming. The blooms will first appear a lighter pink then darken to a deeper red over a period of 6-8 weeks. This two month long display ensures that the scarlet fire will make a dramatic statement and bring a long period of enjoyment to your home or garden. It's rare to find blooms like this, and it is even more rare to find beautiful qualities like this in a pest free low-maintenance tree. That's why we definitely recommend adding a Scarlet Fire Kousa to your yard. 

We like this kousa as a specimen tree in a garden arrangement or in a partly sunny or shady spot near the front of a home. The dark pink blooms will speak for themselves late May to early July, but the dark green foliage and mottled bark are great company for early spring and late summer blooms. We prefer to trim our kousa up neat, removing the lower branches while they are small to expose the lower portions of the trunk. This will create a neat look and reveal the beautiful mottled bark. Without proper pruning, a kousa can get rather shrub-like, so once the tree is established we recommend taking off the lower branches with sharp clean pair of pruning shears.

Bloom Color:Dark pink to scarlet
Bloom Period:6-8 weeks in early summer
Fall Color:Orange, yellow, red, purple
Foliage Color:Green to dark green
Genus & Species:Cornus kousa 'RUTPINK'
Growth Rate:Medium
Mature Height:20 to 25 ft.
Mature Spread:15 to 20 ft.
Soil Type:Adaptable, but prefers moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter
Sun Exposure:Full sun to partial shade
Zone:5 to 8

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Paul Casarez
Not what promised, drove 2 hours for local pickup

Requested 4-5 foot Scarlet Fire Kousa Dogwood. Not available, promised 3-4 foot tree that was verified in the nursery (for the price of 30-36" tree). Drove 2 hours for local pickup, was told "Sorry could only find this 30-36 inch tree, take it or leave it." Nice specimin, just smaller than I was promised at the price I paid on-line.

My appologies Paul, it is of course my fault for the miscommunication. I had seen a 3-4 ft. specimen at the nursery repeatedly and I should have gone down and verified that it was still there. I hope the tree is doing well and growing out. Lesson learned on my part. - Travis

Robert King
Scarlet Fire Kousa Dogwood

I received the tree two weeks ago. It was well packed and I received it just two days after notification of shipping. I was very pleased to have received it quickly. The tree was dormant when I received it, and although we have had some very nice, mild (70s to low 80s days since it was planted two weeks ago), I am surprised that there is still no sign of life as of this writing--although the scratch test on one or two limbs shows green, and that is a positive sign. I realize that the Kousa's leaf out later than many other trees, but Kousas in my area of Bucks County, PA, are now leafing out. I like dealing with New Blooms Nursery as they (Travis) are very responsive to emailed questions. I had dealt with New Blooms some few years back and Travis was very kind and helpful at that time with my order. It is precisely why I once again came back to New Blooms. New Blooms truly cares about its customers and they want you to be happy. I am still remaining optimistic that one of these days I willl see my Kousa waking up. And If not, I am sure New Blooms will make things right.

Sarah Tate
Hopeful for success

The tree came dormant as expected fully intact. I am hopeful that this will survive and grow as expected. The company has been exceptional with their help and communication with me in planting this tree, so far I’m happy with my purchase….


Tree arrived on time in good condition. Put it in the ground immediately. Looking forward to it budding out.

Jack McAuliffe
Heathy trees, but very small.

Trees seem healthy but much smaller then I anticipated.