Slow Release Fertilizer

Slow Release Fertilizer

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Our slow release fertilizer provides a complete macro and micro nutrient treatment to get your plant off to a great start. Adding a slow release fertilizer ensures that your plant gets the nutrients you need for maximum growth. Simply spread the fertilizer on top of the planting area and then cover the fertilizer with mulch. One treatment will last an entire growing season.

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Customer Reviews

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Terri Huff
Slow Release Fertilizer

The order was for 2 trees. We used the fertilizer as told and the trees are doing well. I think it’s important to make note that the trees were replacing 2 trees that were planted in memorial of our deceased son. Unfortunately the trees contracted Ash boars besides providing shade for the front of our home. Thank you.

Sandy W
Glad I purchased this!

I added this into my cart when I bought my tree from New Blooms. When everything arrived, there were detailed instructions on how to use the slow release fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer included was perfect. The tree has been flourishing! The next time I purchase another tree from New Blooms, I'll be sure to add in some more of this fertilizer into my cart. Thank you!

Wayne Holpuch

Slow Release Fertilizer

Valentyna Roth

Slow Release Fertilizer

Robert O’dell
Lover of outdoor gardening

Well we planted our trees 20 minutes after they were delivered and still no buds on them followed the directions and we have had natures water on them at least every other day and sometimes every day. Still no buds can you give us some tips we have several smaller trees in full bloom