Sweetbay Magnolia Tree

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Mature Height: 15 to 20 ft.
Mature Spread: 8 to 12 ft.
Proper Name: Magnolia virginiana

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Product type: Ornamental Trees

Tags: Bloom Spring, Flower (White), Full Sun, Native, Part Sun


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This elegantly shaped flowering tree is a great choice for a specimen or patio tree. Sweetbay magnolia trees feature creamy white spring and summer flowers with a sweet, lemony fragrance and leaves that flutter in the slightest breeze to flash their silvery undersides. The fruiting cones consist of a group of pinkish-colored fruit that burst open to release the seeds when ripe.

Bloom Color:White
Bloom Period:Late spring
Fall Color:Yellow/orange
Foliage Color:Green
Genus & Species:Magnolia virginiana
Growth Rate:Moderate
Mature Height:15 to 20 ft.
Mature Spread:8 to 12 ft.
Soil Type:Adaptable to many soil conditions
Sun Exposure:Full sun, partial sun
Zone:5 to 9

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Customer Reviews

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after 3 weeks our sweetbay magnolia is settling in

Our sweetbay magnolia came in great shape. It arrived on the promised day and when we got it out of the box we were very pleased to see that it was taller than advertised, had multiple stems, and was packed with roots below. Since the shipment happened to arrive in the morning, we already had it in the ground by that afternoon. Planting and mulching instructions were clear. It is now about three weeks since then and the tree has dropped all but about six leaves. However twigs remain green and numerous leaf buds are visible so we expect it to make a full recovery in its own time. We're in North Carolina, hardiness zone 8a..


The sweetbay magnolia arrived in good condition as far as I could tell. I planted it the next day according to your directions with plenty of mulch, and it has been watered frequently since. Temperatures have been up and down; hopefully it will do well through the winter, and I'll hope to see a healthy tree next spring.

Sweet bay magnolia

Arrived in great shape. Good packaging and instructions. Planted and doing well.

Sweetbay magnolia

Trees arrived in great shape and appeared healthy. Planted the following day and look great.

Sweet bay magnolia

I love the sweet bay magnolias. This is the second one I have planted. The plant arrived carefully packed. I planted it immediately.