The President Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo biloba 'The President' or Presidential Gold
Mature Height: 35 to 40 ft.
Mature Spread: 40 to 50 ft.

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Also known as Presidential Gold this Ginkgo is known for its outstanding features fall color is a rich golden yellow and consistent from year to year. This cultivar maintains a strong central leader that remains straight and strong giving it an excellent shape from adolescence to maturity. Named 'The President' due to its lack of flaws and quality features, it is best used as a specimen shade tree in a yard or in a small grove for those who have space. Ginkgo has almost not issues with disease or pests and will add an exotic with its intricate textured leaves. Ginkgo trees grow a uniform light green in the spring and darken up slightly in the summer. In the fall ginkgo trees have consistent golden leaves. The color is outstanding and can rival any other tree for fall beauty. Combine these with red maples, dogwoods, or a purple leave cherry for an amazing display.

All 'The President' Ginkgo Trees are of a male selection - meaning they will not produce fruit. These trees are very hardy and have withstood the test of time. The ginkgo is literally 270 million years old, making it one of the most ancient and successful trees. When caring for these trees we recommend maintaining the usual mulch ring to protect the tree from elements, competing plants, and yard equipment for the first few years. Slow release fertilizer can be applied (per directions on the bag) in the early fall to give the tree a boost that will carry through to spring. See our care tab below for more details.

Bloom Color:Green pollen cones
Bloom Period:Early spring
Fall Color:Brilliant Golden Yellow - Turns quickly and all at once
Foliage Color:Bright green in early spring darkening with summer
Genus & Species:Ginkgo biloba 'The President' or Presidential Gold
Growth Rate:Moderate
Mature Height:35 to 40 ft.
Mature Spread:40 to 50 ft.
Soil Type:Adaptable and hardy, but like most trees thrives in well-drained soil high in organic matter
Sun Exposure:Full sun
Zone:3 to 8

General care for any tree or shrub is easy, but like any living thing will require your attention. Please educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

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