Ragin' Red Dogwood - Cornus florida 'JN13'

Cornus florida 'JN13' PP29424
Mature Height: 15 to 20 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 to 20 ft.

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The Ragin' Red Dogwood is new to the market this year and in high demand. We are thrilled to have some for you. What makes us so excited? Simply put, this tree has a quality we've never seen in a dogwood. The new leaves emerge bright red in the spring and transition slowly to green as the summer wears on. For those looking for an interesting and unique display in their yard, this tree checks the boxes.

In spring, expect red dogwood blooms - as red as Cherokee Chief - on bare branches. As the blooms begin to fade, unique bright red foliage emerges, which accentuates the aging blooms with additional shades of vibrant red. The leaves continue to grow through spring and emerge red, transition to a darker burgundy red, and then transform to a darker green as they age. Through the entire growing season, the tree continues to look like it was air-brushed with red paint. The red will fade with the summer heat, but before long the cooler temperatures of fall seem to reverse the coloration process. Red, purple and orange slowly work back into the green canopy before completely overtaking it in a grade finale. Those who visit our store often, know that we think the dogwood has one of the best displays of fall color.

Since this tree is brand new, we don't have one planted yet at the nursery. We do, of course, have a spot picked out for one. We plan to use it as a specimen tree to offset the bright greens of spring. We plan to plant it in a spot that will get morning sun and afternoon shade (as soon as that maple tree grows!), which is the best situation for a dogwood. That said, this tree is adaptable to many lighting conditions, from full-sun all the way to dappled light. If planted in full sun, care should be taken to protect the tree from dry periods during the summer, especially in poorer soil conditions.

Lastly, this tree was spotted and cultivated by Ray & Cindy Jackson. We appreciate them letting us in on the fun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Edward Mills

I am interested in buying this product will it be available in the fall?

Dorothy Collins

Anxious for it to start blooming. Besides buying mine I ordered one for 3 other people. Sadly we think a groundhog dug up one and chewed up the bark of a white dogwood we had planted last year

Donald Schenck
1st Purchase

Been waiting for something to happen with the Ragin' Red Dogwood - Cornus florida 'JN13. Planted it just before Easter 2022 and followed direction provided.
As of 5/10/22 leaves are beginning to emerge. Have been going through a rare rainy period and all seems good. Will keep monitoring for progress.

Donna Johnson
Ragin Red Dogwood

Extremely fast service and communication. Too newly planted to have any results yet.

Vicky E W
Healthy and doing great

Received my plant in perfect condition, moist and ready to plant.